Environmental policy

This document sets out Tommy Plummer Tree Service’s standard of care and how it is maintained.

It lets customers know:

• that we do care about the environment and our ecological surroundings
• our commitment to providing arboriculture in a sustainable way

Defining the standards

Our standards are defined by what is achievable to minimise environmental impacts in the context of the work undertaken and by relevant environmental law.  We will:

  • Adhere to current legislation and use it to shape the service we provide
  • (including Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, Countryside Rights of Way act 2000, Food & Environmental Protection Act 1985, Environmental Protection Act 1981, and their secondary legislation)
  • Stay abreast of developments in environmental legislation
  • Be aware of new product developments with lower environmental impact and, where practicable, use these in our everyday work
  • Find uses and markets for all arisings
  • Seek to remove, reduce or mitigate the impacts as far as possible where our work negatively impacts the environment.
Delivering the standards

In achieving these standards we will:

  • Recycle or re-use as much of the arisings as possible. This will include:
    • Timber processed for fire logs or other useful timber products
    •  Brash chipped and used in to produce energy in a biomass power station or to help drive the turbines in a paper mill
  • Undertake a site inspection prior to commencement of work to detect the presence of nesting birds, or other protected wildlife and habitats
  • Instruct an ecological survey where the potential for protected wildlife is high and further investigation is required
  • Not use chainsaws, chippers or other noisy machinery before 8.30 am or after 6.00 pm
  • Use bio-degradable chain oil in all our chainsaws for work near watercourses, in Sites of Specific Scientific Interest or other environmentally sensitive areas
  • Not make unnecessary journeys in vehicles and will try to  combine visits to similar locations
  • Maintain a waste carriers license