Cherry Plum Snapped Limb Removal, Edith Weston

before and afterLocation: Edith Weston
Species: Pissard’s Plum
Height: Small: <30’
Work: Dismantle snapped limb
Reason: The limb was dangerous – leaning on the children’s swing. The limb had an acutely angled union with ‘included bark’ – this meant as its diameter grew each year the limbs pushed each other apart until failure of the union was inevitable.

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Poplar, Rippingale

before and after
Location: Rippingale
Species: Hybrid Poplar
Height: Large: >60’
Work: Dismantle tree
Reason: The tree was dominating that area of the garden
Hazard: 3 Phone lines and a Phone pole

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Sycamore Dismantle, Clipsham

before and after
Location: Clipsham
Species: Sycamore
Height: Large >60ft
Work: Dismantle tree
Reason: To reduce shading in gardens below

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Cedar Dismantle, Witham on the Hill

before and after
Location: Witham on the Hill
Species: Atlas Cedar
Height: Large: >60’
Work: Dismantle
Reason: The tree had progressively died back over the previous year.

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Beech hedge reduction, Ryhall

before and afterLocation: Ryhall
Species: 7 x Beech
Height: Medium - <45’
Work: Dismantle/Fell stems to reduce height
Reason: Hedge had been allowed to grow to trees over the years and is now significantly shading the adjacent walled garden – this was undertaken as staged removal (over 2 years) to reinstate the trees as a hedge.
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Horse Chestnut Dismantle, Witham on the Hill

before and afterLocation: Witham on the Hill
Species: Horse Chestnut
Height: Large: >60’
Work: Dismantle
Reason: This tree was suffering from Bleeding Canker (Pseudomonas syringae pv. Aesculi) and large limbs have died back in the past leaving poor crown structure.
Hazards: Road – Traffic management required

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