Tree Consultancy

Trees are perceived as assets or liabilities: Well planted and maintained, trees may increase property values, decrease energy bills and improve our health and wellbeing.

Where trees are improperly managed or their relationship with developments and buildings is not considered at an early stage, ongoing maintenance or remediation may cost a significant amount. Injury or damage caused by defective trees may also cost money due to compensation or legal costs.

Recognising how to minimise the risks and therefore the liabilities presented by trees, and maximising the opportunities and asset-value of trees is within my scope as a consultant.

By investing in the best care strategy for existing trees and planning ahead with new planting schemes, potential conflicts between trees and their domesticated environment can be foreseen and appropriately mitigated in good time.

Consultancy services include:

  • BS5837 surveys - for planning applications where trees are involved and the local government requires this additional documentation.
  • Tree Hazard & Risk Assessments - to exercise the legal responsibilities and obligations of a tree owner under their Common Law Duty of Care, the Occupiers Liability Act, and the Health & Safety at Work Act.
  • Arboricultural Reports for Mortgage Purposes.
  • Arboricultural Management Plans and Method Statements – to ensure appropriate ongoing tree management is properly executed.
  • Planting Schemes - Site species selection is a principle in which the species to be planted are chosen according to the constraints and opportunities of the site. There are many tree species available growing to different sizes, with different nutrient, light and soil requirements. We can help you make those decisions, plan planting schemes and draw up aftercare schedules.
  • Air Spade Services - including soil decompaction